About The Paper Dolls

About The Paper Dolls

I design and make the paper doll clothes and shoes as one piece.  That way there is less to lose, you won’t find a shoe or a shirt etc lost, plus it’s easier for the younger child to play with.  The hats/helmets are separate, but depending on the hair style a few of the hats/helmets won’t fit right.

I just don’t make clothes, I add accessories that they hold like flower baskets, rake, shovel, purse etc.  Those items I grab off of my clipart site (LotsaGraphics.com) to add that special touch to the clothing.

Besides the bears there are African American (AA) and White (W) Paper Doll men, women, boys and girls.
The clothing is interchangeable for the same size paper dolls  (e.g. kids clothes will fit all kids dolls, bear clothes will fit all bear dolls etc).  There are separate pages for the African American and White clothing.  Even though they have the same exact clothes the only difference is the skin color since some are holding items.  You will notice on some of the clothing that there is one arm or hand showing and nothing on the opposite arm/hand, when you place the clothes on the paper doll the missing arm/hand will be used from the paper doll itself since it isn’t holding anything in it’s hand.

All paper doll clothes comes with tabs.  If you will be printing on magnetic sheets or gluing the clothes on the dolls just cut off the tabs.


All the paper dolls, clothes, backdrops and add-ons are saved as a 300dpi JPG and come in a PDF file for easy printing right from your browser.
You can even print the paper dolls & clothing onto magnetic paper and use them on a cookie sheet.

Each page will print on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper or cardstock.  For best results print the paper dolls, add-ons and backdrops on heavy cardstock paper.  The clothes can be printed on regular paper or for extra sturdiness they can also be printed on heavy cardstock paper.

If your child tears and outfit just print the PDF file that you saved to your computer or hard drive. You can print as many as you want.

All printable files on this site are for personal use only.  Sharing, distributing or commercial use of files is strictly prohibited.

Depending on your computer, printer and ink qualities printing results will differ.